At Essential Counselling I provide confidential, non-judgemental Counselling and Psychotherapy in a safe and pleasant environment. Sometimes it can be difficult to make the decision to come to counselling and to make that first contact. If you decide to take that first step, it can be a very positive and worthwhile experience.


Psychotherapy is often more long term. The issues that lie beneath the problem that brought you to seek help in the first place is looked at. This could mean examining the reasons why you might repeat certain behaviours and patterns which may cause you problems. Psychotherapy can help you to deal with deep-rooted emotional problems and difficulties from the past that are affecting you in the present. In Psychotherapy we look for the root of the problem.

Counselling is usually more short term. Often, clients will attend counselling because they need a solution to one specific problem that is affecting their lives at any given time. This could be a relationship difficulty, a work issue, low self-esteem etc. In counselling, we look for answers and solutions to a specific problem without looking to past experiences for answers.

Counselling and Psychotherapy frequently overlap in sessions. Counselling and Psychotherapy are often both referred to as ‘therapy’.

Deciding if therapy is short term or long term can sometimes only be established after a few sessions. Everyone is different and each situation is different.

Your first session with me is a chance for you to sit and talk about the difficulties you are experiencing, how they are impacting on your life and what you would like to get from counselling.

Each session lasts for one hour.

The sessions are once weekly, usually at the same time each week.


Some people attend counselling for a few weeks, others for a few months or even years. Each individual and situation is different. The process proceeds largely at your own pace so deciding when you feel it is time to leave will be part of that process.  However, you are of course free to finish therapy whenever you wish.

Morning, evening and some Saturday morning appointments are available.

I offer low cost counselling to some clients depending on their personal circumstances.

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